Claire Wyatt Female Voiceovers A trusted, versatile voice at the heart of your brand.

British Female Voiceover Artist – ISDN

Intelligent, sassy, bright and confident female voiceover artist. A talented actress with a great sense of timing and natural warmth.
25 – 45 RP
Plus loads of accents and characters.

About Me

Whether it’s Commercials for household names like Surf and Aldi, reassuring and encouraging E-Learning projects, or creating anything from aliens to Countesses in audio dramas – you’ve probably heard my female voiceover associated with brands you know and love. I’m the voice they trust.

I’m an experienced and professional voiceover artist with over 18 years in the industry. My work spans commercials, corporate work, animations, e-learning, drama and everything in-between.

From warm, approachable young mums to dynamic and authoritative corporate reads – I’ve done it! I have a great range of tones, energies and characters, but my natural voice is 20s-30s RP, warm, clear and real.

I’m renowned for my versatility and adaptability. So, whether you want a characterful, sassy  and comedic performance or an intimate, approachable and womanly voice – you can trust that I’ll get to the heart of your brand and nail the story you’re telling!

Claire Wyatt

Claire Wyatt

Female Voiceover Artist

From corporate communications to character comedy. Easy, reliable and efficient service with eloquence, warmth and just the right amount of sparkle.

Working with Me

I’m friendly, flexible, easy to work with and, because my Broadcast Quality studio is at home, I can usually turn a job around fast and to a budget that is reasonable. I’m also within an hour of top London studios and regularly travel in to record there.

I trained as an actor at the Guildford School of Acting and I’ve been working successfully as an actor since I graduated. This training and experience has really informed my voice work. I’m great with characters, telling a story, manipulating my voice to get exactly the tone you’re looking for and nailing that ‘chatty, warm and approachable real-person’ sound. It’s also invaluable for work in ADR, ELT, Radio drama, Games or any other form of voice work that requires acting or improvisation.

I’m honest, fun, reliable and a real stickler for detail. When every project matters, one voice counts.

All This and More

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Now, who would work in a voiceover studio like this?

Take a peek inside wonderful, newly-built voiceover studio. I’ll show you what it looks like and also take you through the sound equipment I use.

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The evolution of my voiceover studio

A journey through my voiceover career via my voiceover studio and equipment. Where did I start? What did I learn? Why is my current studio the best?

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Blind Mic shootout – female voiceover

A blind mic shootout to test mics in the £50-500 range for a female voiceover.

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Portable voiceover kit

A sneak peek inside my portable travel voiceover set-up. The mic and kit that keeps me doing great voiceovers wherever I am!

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ISDN connection now live

Female British voiceover artist with brand new ISDN connection in a fully upgraded broadcast quality home studio. Connect now on +44 (0)1494 776858

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Female Voiceover Artist of the Year Nominee

Claire Wyatt has been nominated for three One Voice Awards; Female Voiceover Artist of the Year, Best Overall Corporate Performance and Best Female Radio Drama Performance.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanks for being part of my voiceover journey in 2017 Well, what a year it's been! I always get reflective around Christmas and it's nice to be thankful for all the good things that have happened. So, what do I mean by voiceover journey? Well, 2017 has been hugely...
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An epic audio drama from Audible

I was thrilled to be asked by the fantastic director Barnaby Edwards to be part of a three-part narrated audio drama for Audible. I played a couple of roles and worked with some amazing actors.

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My latest audio drama voiceover available to order

My latest audio drama for the Big Finish team is now available to order! Always a voiceover challenge and lots of fun. Torchwood One with Tracy Ann Oberman, Jane Asher and Trevor Neal.

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Characters and Impersonations

Over the years I've taken on many characters and impersonations. The bulk of my voiceover work uses my natural voice, so when these jobs come up I relish the challenge. As an actor I gained a reputation as the go-to person for playing multiple roles in one show. In...
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